H.O.G.® Chapter

The purpose of the Hou-Tex chapter is to promote responsible motorcycling activities for Harley® Owners Group members by conducting chapter activities and encouraging participation in other H.O.G.® events. As is national H.O.G.® activities, chapter activities shall be conducted in a manner consistent with a family-oriented, nonpolitical philosophy.

Hou-Tex members have been heard saying "let's keep up our Biker image - and ride and get an ice cream cone." We "ride to eat and eat to ride". Not a bad philosophy.

Hou-Tex's sponsoring dealer is Stubbs Harley-Davidson® in Houston, Texas and San Jacinto Harley-Davidson® in Pasadena, Texas, which has sole authority over all chapter functions and activities. We receive many benefits from our sponsoring dealer, therefore, we like to acknowledge their support and promote activities that keep us on the good side of our sponsor.

All membership dues that are collected by Hou-Tex are used to fund the newsletter, as well as, various chapter activities. In this way, your membership in the chapter provides benefits similar to a national H.O.G.® membership...you pay your dues and receive all the benefits and publications, providing a value that seems to exceed the amount of the membership dues.

Should you have any questions or want to check us out, please come to one of our meetings.

Milford Deason, Director.

Hou-Tex H.O.G.®