Riding Academy Policies /Pre-Class Online Course:

Class price is $295.00

The MSF eCourse MUST BE COMPLETED before you attend any sessions. You MUST bring a printed copy of your eCourse Course Completion certificate with you. If you do not bring a copy, you will not be allowed to attend the course. (Loss of tuition, no reschedule)

Attendance Policy: Class and Range sessions start promptly as scheduled. Any student who is late will not be allowed to attend any part of the Class or Range sessions per Texas Department License and Regulations. Any student who does not show proof of eCourse completion, fails to attend a session, leaves during any part of a session for any reason, will be considered to have voluntarily dropped the course, forfeits all fees, and must pay the full fee again to reschedule another class. STUBBS HD/ SAN JACINTO HD assumes no responsibility for any part or portion missed because of illness, emergencies, deaths, or other events beyond its control. 

There is always a chance of being removed from class if you show that you are a danger to yourself or others or impede class progression. DEEMED BY THE INSTRUCTOR!  SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY!

Riding Equipment: No personal motorcycles allowed for the New Rider Course or the Additional Practice Session. Helmets must be DOT compliant and in good condition. Modular helmets must be worn with the chin piece down/locked when seated on the motorcycle. Long sleeve shirt or jacket and must cover from neck to waist and to the wrist/hands. No low-cut shirts allowed. Dress for the weather: hot, cold, rain, sun. Long pants (heavy jeans preferred). No leggings, yoga pants, thin knits, warm-ups or sweatpants. No large holes in the clothing allowed. Full fingered gloves. Eye protection such as a helmet face shield, goggles, riding glasses. Regular prescription glasses and/or sunglasses are allowed. Sturdy OVER THE ANKLE footwear (boots preferred). Make sure your footwear covers your ankle completely. No canvas sneakers/tennis shoes allowed.

Retesting Policy: Any failure of the written or skills evaluation is a failure for the entire course and NO RETESTS are allowed. You may retake the class for a reduced fee of $200.00.

Refund Policy: Refunds will be given only in the event STUBBS HD or SAN JACINTO HD cancels a course. There are no refunds given for student cancellation. (And no show/no call etc,) Cancellation Policy: If cancellation by the student is necessary. We must be contacted five (5) business days prior to the first session to receive credit for another class session (no refunds given). Any cancellation by a student with less than five (5) business days’ notice will result in forfeiture of all fees/credits and required to re-register at full price.

For a complete list of our rules and policies, call 281-598-6148 or email us at j.morris@stubbshd.com

Complaints may be sent to:



PO BOX 12157        AUSTIN, TX 78711   INTAKE@TDLR.TEXAS.GOV  800-803-9202