Reasons to do riding academy class at San Jacinto Harley Davidson 


The best answer I have is this: We provide the whole motorcycle experience! (RAZZLE DAZZLE) You want to learn to ride a motorcycle, why go learn at some junior college, church, or junior high or high school, or just out in an empty parking lot!!  Learn at a motorcycle dealership (a Harley dealer to boot!), see other motorcyclists, talk to other motorcyclists, be able to sit on a lot of bikes, be able to feel and touch, breath, the whole experience! There is not much to experience doing it at these other places! (no razzle dazzle!!) 

Our coaches!!: 

We use state trained instructors that have also gone thru Harley Riding Academy Training, they have these 2 certifications and more and years of riding experience!! They have several weeks of training to be able to coach for us at Riding Academy! 


No other training places have a Jumpstart, to help teach new folks the very basic mechanics of throttle, clutch and shifting, and getting the feel of riding a motorcycle! It is a great training tool!!, every Jumpstart student I have worked with, was really glad we had it and said it really helped them with getting thru class!! (really helps to take the edge off, lower anxiety/nervous level) 

Sales dept.!!:

Harley provides special financing incentives on motorcycles to Riding Academy Students!   


We give students a 10% off VIP badge to use while taking the class!  (for parts and motorclothes only, not bike sales) 

Our own people!  We do the store tours, show them around, let them meet people, get to know us, become part of the family!! 


You can purchase a 2nd chance retake for $100 when you purchase your regular class at $295.00 , that way if you do not pass class, you do not have to pay full price for your re take class. Must meet requirements, call us for details! 


We have more classes, more often, than anyone I know in the area!  We try our best to not cancel your class, like so many training places do, due to the lack or low number of enrollments!!  It can happen, just not often. I get lots of enrollments from students that are tired of being canceled elsewhere or tired of being on a wait list. we started 10-PERSON classes at Stubbs Harley Davidson. 12 PERSON at San Jacinto. 

We also offer additional practice sessions to students that go through our classes. $80 for an additional 5 hours of riding time.  

We are a full service/one stop training center. Our classrooms are on site as well as our driving range. Students do not have to drive to a mall/school parking lot to do the driving training. 

If you are coming from out of town, we have a deal with the Fairfield inn, next to San Jacinto, rooms for $74 a night! 

We also have a student training station, where a student can come do their ecourse and print their completion certificate! (at San Jac)